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Adapt teaching techniques to interdisciplinary contexts across different audiences and diverse learners. Facilitate active learning, assess performance, and provide feedback within a wide variety of career contexts.

Advanced Teaching Program (ATP)

The Advanced Teaching Program (ATP) is a hands-on seminar specifically designed for advanced graduate students who would like to develop the practical skills necessary to teach their own courses. This seminar will touch on a number of topics including teaching strategically for maximum impact, developing and maintaining a culture of respect in your classroom, dealing with difficult students and authentically assessing student learning.

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Certificate in University Teaching and Learning

The goal of the Western Certificate in University Teaching and Learning program is to enhance the quality of teaching by graduate students and postdoctoral scholars, and to prepare them for a future faculty career. The presentation and group facilitation skills gained while completing the Certificate are also valued by employers in business, industry and other non-academic fields. This workshop introduces participants to the components of the Certificate and provides insight into the structure, organization, timing and expectations associated with each of these elements. This seminar provides an opportunity for graduate students registered in or curious about this program to have their questions answered by members of the TSC staff.

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Graduate Studies 9500 - The Theory and Practice of University Teaching

Graduate Studies 9500, an interdisciplinary graduate credit course on the theory and practice of university teaching, is offered by the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. The goals of the course are: (1) to familiarize students with background research and theory relevant to university teaching, and (2) to provide the opportunity for practice and feedback on basic teaching skills. Students are expected to actively participate in class meetings through discussions and other learning activities and through their involvement in mandatory microteaching sessions. Although the course will appear on the student's transcript, it may be used as a substitute for departmental course requirements only with special permission from the department. Course grades (fail, pass, or pass with distinction) will be forwarded to Graduate Chairs, but will not affect the student's academic average.

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Future Prof Workshops

These dynamic seminars for future professors and professionals are offered throughout the year and provide both new and experienced graduate students and postdoctoral scholars with valuable insight into academic and career-related topics. The workshops in this series are constantly expanding and evolving with past sessions touching on topics such as: Teaching Your Own Course, Proctoring Exams, Building a Teaching Dossier, Academic Job Interviews, and Networking at Conferences.

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Great Ideas for Teaching (GIFT) Award

The Winter Conference on Teaching regularly features a panel of Western's most creative graduate students who share a classroom activity, course assignment, or another teaching strategy that they have developed to support student learning in their home disiplines.

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Lead TA Program

Last year, Lead TAs developed an incredibly rich bank of practical resources that you may find useful in your work as a TA at Western. These resources contain information about every stage of the TA journey at Western and include handouts, online modules, websites, and TA handbooks.

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Teaching Assistant Training Program (TATP)

These workshops are designed for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars seeking to improve their academic and professional communication skills and public speaking abilities. Each of the sessions focuses on a brief communication episode that individuals frequently encounter during their academic careers.  

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Teaching Master Classes

Step into the classrooms of Western’s most respected and innovative instructors and observe them engaging with their undergraduate students, their course material, and their discipline. Following the in-class observation, join us to meet with these instructors and discuss the strategies they employ in their classrooms.  

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Teaching Mentor Program

The Teaching Mentor Program is a unique opportunity for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to be observed in their personal teaching environment and to receive valuable feedback from peers on their instruction methods.

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TA Day: Graduate Student Conference on Teaching

This one-day conference introduces graduate students to teaching at Western University and helps them prepare for their roles as teaching assistants. Join TSC staff and award-winning professors to learn about facilitating discussions in tutorials, helping undergraduate students in laboratory settings, dealing with difficult students, and much more!

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Winter Conference on Teaching

A day of workshops to continue learning about effective teaching and become re-energized for a second term in the classroom. Attend the day and receive up to three credits from the Future Professor Series towards your Certificate in University Teaching and Learning.

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MyGradSkills.ca Workshops

Lesson Planning
This six-unit teaching and learning module will provide you with an introduction to effective lesson planning. Whether you’re teaching university students, or colleagues in the workplace, having a good lesson plan is one of the first steps to being an effective instructor.

Teaching Dossier
This six-unit module guides students through the composition of the teaching dossier, an essential document necessary for graduate students to present their teaching effectiveness to others.

Teaching Online - Advanced Skills for Graduate Students
In this 5-unit module, you will learn about strategies for facilitating online learning effectively. During the module, you will have a chance to hear short video interviews with online instructors who share how they engage their students; you will see examples of how instructors humanize their course, create instructor presence, and connect with their students by creating a sense of time in their online courses.

Teaching Online - Basic Skills for TAs
This online module has one hour of instructional materials and consists of five separate units that are intended to “stand alone” without a facilitator or instructor. The module will provide introductory preparation for graduate students wishing to be teaching assistants in fully online courses or blended courses with significant online activities.